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School Management | Badri Webtech

School Management

Now days every parents need to track there child's activity day by day. In every one's busy schedule it's not possible to visit school on regular basis. To overcome this we have came up with our unique Smart School software. In our software every parents have there separate login to track information of child's like attendance, marks etc. Apart from parents software is also useful for every departments of school of managing there daily activity.

Hospital Management | Badri Webtech

Hospital Management

Hospital is the most critical place in the world where no one wants to wait in queue for there health checkup. To overcome this problem we have a develop a software called Smart Hospital. With using this software patient can book appointment from anywhere in the world as per their convenient time from available slots. Software is also useful for hospital employees and doctors to track history of patient and give them suggestion and feedback accordingly.

Office Management | Badri Webtech

Office Management

f you are running a business then you must have requirement to track every days activity by your employees. We came up with multiple software which are very useful to offload multiple task and give you plenty of time to focus on your business. 1. CRM (Customer Relationship Module) 2. HRM (HR Module) 3. Accounting and Invoicing 4. Project Management

Medical Management | Badri Webtech

Medical Management

Toughest task in medical store to manage stock, Some times it happens we don't have any idea and stock of any drug has been finished. To overcome this situation we have came up with Smart Medical Software. Where you can manage stock of your every drug and syrup. Apart from managing stock you can also generate invoice, check purchase history, sell history, profit/loss calculation. Using this software you can easily track the due from customers.

Gym Management | Badri Webtech

Gym Management

Now days every one wants to be fit thats why they take some important time from their daily routine and joins the gym. But sometime just because of miss management from any member, trainer or from gym employee this important time got waisted to over come this miss management we have came up with a software called Smart Gym.

Library Management | Badri Webtech

Library Management

Library is the place where people came to increase their knowledge. Every one have their own different taste of books. To manage different category books at one place is very tough task to overcome this we designed software name Smart Library. Using this software it's very easy to locate the book. Rent or buy/sell of books could be handle very easily.

Hotel Management | Badri Webtech

Hotel Management

Every one needs a break from there hectic schedule and for this they need a place for holiday. And on every holiday essential thing is hotel, You might have tie up with multiple travel and holiday portals, but such portals are showing results as per there profit. Now you can have your own hotel portal where you can manage bookings. You can create original activities and events. You can create holiday packages.

Restaurant Management | Badri Webtech

Restaurant Management

If you are managing restaurant, and having difficulty to manage the waiters, food, tables, bills try our Smart Restaurant software. Software will make you all task from arriving of customer till customer leave every thing would be managed in few clicks. Apart from customer services and billing you can manage your inventory as well with our software. So just focus on serving your customer best, every thing else take care by software.

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