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Our Mission

Badri Webtech truly believes in perceiving higher visions to bring greater success. For the next coming years, we keep a simple mission in our eyes which is to serve our customers with the best quality IT Business Solutions but at the same time at the industry’s highly affordable outlay.

Our Mission

Badri Webtech is formed with a mission to offer quality solutions to the customer worldwide and become a leader in the industry. We consider that our accomplishments and success entirely rely on our client’s achievement and for this reason we envision Badri Webtech to be one of the most Reliable and Trustable IT Business Solution Provider.

About Us

Badri Webtech was founded in the year 2012. Within a short period, We have mastered the craft of web development and digital marketing. Now we are specializing across various areas of the IT and digital marketing industry. Based in India, we cater to the requirements of our clients in 70+ countries, across all 6 continents. ensuring that the client businesses flourish and create a unique brand experience for their dear customers. Our expertise with the latest tools and techniques and the experience of our professional experts has helped us to provide 100% satisfying results to our customers. We have worked miracles across various sectors of web design and development along with digital marketing, flaunting our creativity and skills, which has bagged us a lot of accolades.

Our 5-D process



During the initial phase of a project, we conduct a meeting or call with the customer to accurately determine their needs and current situation. We discuss technology and marketing as well as roles and goals. Once we feel comfortable that we completely understand the tasks at hand, we move to define the scope of the project and agreement deliverable.



During this stage, we learn about what you and your company is trying to accomplish. This involves a brief discussion about your wants, needs, budget, marketing goals and financial situation. The more we know, the more we can help you. Using the information you have provided us, we will outline a solution that will satisfy your wants and needs. The specific parts we focus on during this step are as follows: planning discovery, project planning, requirements definition, conceptual system design.



Once we have submitted the product to you and your company for review, we will wait for the approval. Once the product has been approved, our design and development team will initiate the design process. This will focus on the specifications you have provided, the budget you’ve given us, and your business goals. The design process includes: prototyping, functional design, technical design, system architecture, training plan, test plan.



Once we get an approval of the final design, we will begin the development and building process. Remember, you do not always go through these steps at once. Oftentimes, problems and obstacles will be encountered, and we will have to go back and rework things so that everything works out the way you want. It is not uncommon to go through the define, design, develop, and deployment stages many times before the final product is where everyone desires. 

Also, keep in mind that the development stage is normally the most time-consuming. This is the stage where we will be tinkering with various facets of the initial design to ensure that it is not only visually pleasing but also workable and that it is delivering a great experience to the end-user. To put it simply, the design stage of the methodology is a very dynamic process and requires the most patience, but the resulting payoff is immense. Items that are focused on during the development stage are: application coding, testing/quality assurance, user documentation, program documentation, change management




Once everything has been designed and developed to the point where you, as the client, are satisfied with it, we will launch the product or service. It will essentially be “live” for anyone to use or visit at this point. We will then closely monitor all activities and make sure that no unexpected issues pop up. We will populate database tables with the latest versions of production data, and all internal and external client operations processes will be integrated and confirmed. There will also be client training available at the beginning of the deployment stage.

Deploying the software is the most essential part of the methodology. Now that real people are using it and customers are logging in and engaging with your products and/or services, both parties will be able to get a much more accurate depiction of how your particular product or service is performing. Here we will make the necessary minor changes, then plan any additional improvements that will be needed down the road. The final steps of the deployment stage include: hardware/software installation, data conversion, user training, support training, post-implementation review

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