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Best Web Development and App Development Company in India

We are a bunch of Professional Geeks based in India who love software coding. We build web applications, mobile applications, front-end and UI designs. Our mates help in Recruiting talents too!

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Our Story

Badri Webtech started in 2012 with a single person. We started the company with a vision to offer quality Information Technology services in two main domains – Software and Web Development services where we work on technologies like PHP, WordPress, Laravel, Codeigniter, Android, iOS and many more. And the second – Graphic Designing services where we can offer logo, app icon, social media post, visiting card, envelope, letterhead, invoice, brochure, and many more.

And it’s been an incredible journey! Been through ups and downs, one thing we have maintained is our Values! For us, client satisfaction and high-quality results are of topmost concerns. Our approach, commitment and honesty keep us going on. Inspired by challenges, we strive to reinvent ourselves every day. A small group of professional techies, work as a family, to achieve a common goal – Our and Client’s Success!

We are now a powerful, fun-loving and crazy team of PHP Developers, WordPress Developers, Laravel Developers, Front-end Designs, Backend Designs and Graphic Designers. Our partners help in Recruiting talents too.

Our Ethics

Why The Badri Webtech is Best Web Development and App Development Company in India

Client Satisfaction

Our clients are the source of motivation. For us, keeping up to their expectations is the main objective. If they are happy, we are happy.

High Quality

Regardless of how big hurdle is, we work to achieve the highest quality results.

Team Work

No battles are fought and won by an individual. It is always a team that works and succeed. We work as one team with our clients.

Creative Freedom

Creative freedom within the requirement boundaries helps us to add some magic to the final result. We call it to value addition.

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